The Giant Guide to the Best Cat Care for Beginners

In order to meet a kitten’s nutritional requirements for proper growth and development you not only have to provide all the nutrients necessary to maintain an adult cat, but also must provide about two to three times as many calories on a per-pound (per-kg) body-weight basis as for adults and about 50% more calories from protein as well. Frequent feedings will allow a kitten to meet the caloric requirement if the diet is energy dense (providing at least 4.5 calories for each gram dry matter).

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Cat's Health

Illness and diseases can affect cats in a broad variety of ways.

Browse common feline illnesses and disorders, as well as medications, treatments, and home care, to learn more about them and what you can do to prevent your cat from getting one.

Cat's Care

This section is dedicated to the general care of a cat that does not have any particular medical conditions to deal with.

This section discusses cat feeding, grooming, housing, vaccines, and any other needs that may be required.

Cat's Well Being

If you are the proud owner of a cat, there is no question that you want to provide the finest possible care for your pet.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to best support your cat’s well-being, some suggestions are provided in this section

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